You don’t have to look far in our social media channels or blog posts to find stories of cabinet painting transformations in the Central Valley. Honey oak finishes from the 90s are making way for crisp white and classy gray, adding a feeling of brightness and space to darker kitchens. There’s so much to love about the cabinet painting process too! It costs a fraction of what you’d need to pay for a full remodel, and takes days rather than months. 

So, is cabinet painting right for you?

Full disclosure: it’s not the perfect fit for everyone. There are some scenarios where a cabinet replacement makes more sense. A reputable cabinet painting company will help you navigate the best option for you and your home. 

To get you started, here are a few key questions you can ask yourself.

How To Know If You Should Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets


1. Do your cabinets meet your basic needs?

We’re talking layout and function here. Fresh paint won’t add storage space, or open that blocked sightline to create an open concept. So, do you really get what you need from your current cabinets?

2. Are your cabinets in decent condition?

Notice we didn’t say “perfect” condition. As professional cabinet painters, we know how to make light repairs and ensure that the surfaces look good. But your cabinets need to be solid overall with plenty of life left in them.

3. Are your cabinets good quality?

Cabinet painting is cheaper than a remodel, but it’s still an investment. Are your cabinets worth investing in, with solid surfaces and construction? 

If you can answer yes to the above, you sound like a perfect candidate for cabinet painting. If you aren’t sure about any of your answers, contact us! We can help. 

And while you’re chatting with us, be sure to ask about our mobile spray shop too. Adding an extra layer of efficiency and convenience, we can actually paint your cabinet doors and drawer faces outside of your home, but right in our mobile shop. It’s never been easier to get a quick transformation!

Learn more here, then contact us for your FREE cabinet painting estimate.