Ready for some serious garage inspiration?

New Year’s resolutions can be fun and energizing, but you know what we like even more? Home improvement resolutions. Partner with the right pro and you can check a to-do off your list that gives you something to enjoy year round. 

As a case in point, think about your garage for a sec… Sure, it’s functional, but have you ever thought about the potential hiding behind those messy boxes, scattered tools, and stained floor? You could have an organized, show-stopping garage way faster than you think, with a practical, beautiful floor that can stand up to ANYTHING you throw at it (literally!). 

Mike’s new garage floor coating: style and durability come together

Juan and team just handled this floor coating install in Turlock, turning Mike’s garage into a space anyone would want to hang out in. Take a look below to see what we mean!

custom garage floor coating Turlock
custom garage floor coating Turlock
custom garage floor coating Turlock

The best garage floor coating for your Central Valley home

We’ve seen the comments on our social media channels: “Just get a kit and you can do this yourself!” Sure, you can coat your floor, but it won’t look like (or perform like) this will. Our approach includes:

  • A full concrete analysis, checking for moisture or any potential issues 

  • Patching cracks or blemishes with a high-performance mender

  • Grinding the surface with an industrial-grade concrete grinder, smoothing the floor, creating the perfect profile, and opening the pores of the concrete itself

  • Basecoat

  • Broadcast chip blend (pick your favorite color!)

  • Polyaspartic topcoat

Our expert team can install this in a day, but it’s 4x stronger than epoxy and backed by a 15-YEAR warranty! That’s a value you can really stand on. 

Have more questions about our concrete coatings?

Contact us at Lancaster Painting! We’re to help, and would love to help you unlock all the potential in your garage, patio, walkway… You tell us!