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While stucco is an attractive, durable, popular material here in the Central Valley area, cracking is a very common issue. Why? Stucco is rigid, much like cement, and as your home shifts and settles over time, it can put too much strain on this inflexible surface coating. This may cause fractures to develop, particularly around doors and windows.

Stucco can also fail prematurely if it is exposed to excessive moisture. We frequently see issues develop that can be traced back to repeated spraying from a lawn sprinkler, or plant life brushing against the home.


  • Hairline cracks may be harmless at first, but they can quickly grow into a larger issue
  • Cracks provide an entry point for water, causing further damage to your home and the need for more extensive repairs
  • If your stucco is on the exterior of a retaining wall, it may require more frequent attention because of the moisture seeping through behind it

As we mentioned above, hairline cracks are quite common and do not create the need for immediate concern. Here is a good rule of thumb: if the crack is wide enough for a credit card to be slipped inside, it should be repaired immediately.


At Lancaster Painting, our philosophy is that “quick fixes” rarely stand the test of time. We believe instead in completing the job properly and with materials that we have tested and believe in, ensuring a long-lasting result. In fact, our patching materials often last longer than the original stucco thanks to an ultra-sticky, glue-like bonding element.

The specific caulk and patching materials we use will be dictated by the nature and severity of your damage. Our craftsmen are experts at taking all of these unique needs and factors into consideration.